May 24, 2017

Georgian Bay Metis Council completed another Conservation Project planting 50 Butternuts and 20 Cedar Trees.

The Butternut tree was used for medicine to treat constipation, arthritis, dysentery and headaches. It  was also a food source. We know the cedar as one of the 4 sacred medicines. The butternut tree has been on the Endangered Species List since 2007. It suffered due to the popularity of the beautiful wood for furniture and as of late a canker (fungus) that grows and kills the trees. 

This years tree planting allowed us to partner for the first time with Beausoleil Island First Nations on their reserve on Christian Island. The GBMC Volunteers traveled by ferry to the Island where we were greeted by Band Council Members and BIFN Citizens/Volunteers. The trees (40 Butternut and 20 large cedars)were carefully planted in the Churchyard by all the volunteers. 

Once we got the planting completed we celebrated by having a BBQ and everyone getting to meet each other. It was a good time.  There was some good ideas coming out in conversation about future projects. Our hosts made us feel welcomed and appreciated.

Later 10 Butternuts were planted on Georgian Bay Islands National Parks Property. This gives 3 location where seed crops will be developed  for future butternut trees. The GBMC has already placed 2 large trees on Georgian Bay Islands National Parks Property. 

With the core of wonderful volunteers we have we manage to help plant over 18,000 trees over the past 7 years with Partnerships with different service clubs. Our Volunteers have done everything from the physical planting of the trees to the organization of events. A single tree can absorb 48 lbs of CO2 emissions per year and actually make the tree stronger in the process that’s 864,000 lbs/year of CO2 emissions neutralized 

We have done other projects besides tree planting, We have partnered with Great Clubs like the Georgian Bay Bassmasters who taught us about fish habitats. We teamed up with them and Scouts Canada to put together and place about 50 fish habitats in Georgian Bay. These will protect small fish until they can mature by forming artificial reefs for them to hide in

 Thanks to all the Great Volunteers who come out and make things happen for the betterment of our Environment. 

 I would also like to thank Ontario Power Generation for their generous donations to the GBMC to finance these projects over the last two years, without financial support it is very hard to get anything done.


Larry J Ferris


Georgian Bay Metis Council

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May 2017

Senator Ken Fraser has started an Elders Committe. The elders group meets at 12:00 p.m. the third Thursday of every month. If you require any additional information regarding this group, please send an email to the council at and your message will be passed on to Senator Ken. 


February 2016

MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council youth group held its first outing since the recent election of the new council.

The new council interim Youth Representative Markie Tuckett organized a wonderful afternoon of fun that also included a message about conservation. The youth viewed ten Wood Duck boxes and helped clean and prepare them for next nesting season. The nesting boxes help increase the Wood Duck population by providing safe nesting where the ducks can hatch their young. Other ducks such as the Golden Eye and Merganser also take advantage of the boxes. 

While on this adventure, the young people also saw several sets of deer tracks along with some muskrat tracks. They were even lucky enough to see a "Heron Nursery" containing large numbers of nests in a pond.  

After all their hard work, the youth were treated to a camp fire on the ice complete with hot-dogs and hot chocolate.

This exciting trip was possible thanks to the financial support of the MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council and to Mark Tuckett who shared his knowledge and time with the youth.

Larry J Ferris
Georgian Bay Metis Council
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The Georgian Bay Metis Council Youth made its annual trip to Beausoleil island. This year the Metis where the most prominent Aboriginal Group with 23 Youth and two Councillors. We made up over half of the Campers. Lots of new faces and some old friends attended. The weather was outstanding and it made for an enjoyable experience. 

The Youth got to learn first hand about endangered species such as the Massasauga Rattlesnake and other rare animals that call the Island Home. Parks Canada provided lots of realistic models for the Youth to handle along with Pineapple the Fox-snake. Parks Canada also provided an excellent presentation on the History of the Island showing artifact replicas that date back 5,000 years. Some Metis artifacts were also available. Thank-you to Brian and Shawn from Parks Canada 

The Youth also got to Canoe, Kayak, hike and this year our got to experience Archery. They were kept busy with fun activities. This year the warm weather he allowed some of the very brave to use the high tower jumping 15 to 20 feet into the water, They also learned to pick-up after themselves, teamwork and some leadership skills.


Larry J Ferris
Georgian Bay Metis Council


June 6, 2014

Georgian Bay Métis Council’s Harvesters & Youth Groups take part in open community tree planting event

The Georgian Bay Metis Councils Harvesters and Youth Groups were well represented by our Youth and by parents and other Metis volunteers

The North Simcoe Anglers and Hunters provided 1250 trees that included twenty six different species. These are species native to our area (some of which have become rare). The final goal is to get these areas repaired to a state were ponds start reforming as the trees help hold the moisture and provide ground cover for the wet areas and raising the water table.

The GBMC Youth Group put on a BBQ for all of the Volunteers. Venison burgers were made at Gidley's Restaurant.

There have been a lot of nice comments from all the groups about our Youth and the food. Special thanks to Greg Garrett and Lenard Dusome for the fine cooking


Larry J Ferris



April 4, 2014

The Georgian Bay Metis Council Youth Group is preparing for the annual trip to Beausoleil Island National Park/YMCA on May 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May

The camp will be at the YMCA Camp on Beausoleil Island National Park. YMCA staff will be running programs such as canoeing, kayaking, leadership and teamwork development. Traditional teachings and sharing from different First Nation Bands and Metis.

The National Parks puts on a display and lesson on artifacts and of local wildlife including endangered species.

If you know a Metis Child who are between the ages of 5 to 15 that would like to attend please let us know. See attached information as well.

Larry J Ferris - GBMC Chairperson


 March 30, 2014

The Georgian Bay Métis Council's Youth Group spent the evening with the 1st Wye Marsh Scouts. Scouter Ralph Charlebois invited the Youth out for an informative and fun evening.

The Youth learned fire starting with traditional flint sparkers and tricks our ancestors used to start fires. (And a few new ones) as well as a short hike. Later they enjoyed a warm fire in the cool evening with a hot dog roast.

Thanks to Ralph for inviting the Youth out. There are other plans for a day of Survival Training and hiking for the summer or fall.



February 26, 2014

Métis Musical Primer Program!!!

The Georgian Bay Métis Council is very excited to announce the launch of the Métis Musical Primer Program! This is a great opportunity to engage youth in a hands-on social setting that strives to further Métis Culture and develop identity.

During the twelve (12) week program, participants will learn about the historical significance of the fiddle to Métis heritage. This program acts as a musical primer to teach students about violins, fiddle music and musical theory in hopes to spark a life long journey of musical arts. This is a great opportunity for youth to experience an instrument that is not overly utilized in contemporary popular culture.

The Métis Musical Primer Program will run for twelve (12) consecutive weeks starting on March 22 through to June 7, 2014. Lessons will take place every Saturday from 10am to 11:30am at GBMC/MNO offices located at 355 Cranston Cres., Midland, Ontario. There is no cost to participants and all equipment will be provided.

Please note that spaces are extremely limited so get your application in early! There will be a wait list created for possible future runs of this program. 

Please click here to download application

Please return completed applications to GBMC office at 355 Cranston Cres. or scan and email to

February 19, 2014

The Georgian Bay Métis Council is always looking for ways to get involved with the community and part of that is host an assortment of activities and events. In the future you will be able to come here to get up to date information about upcoming events. Some example of what has happened over the last year…

Georgian Bay Métis Council’s Youth Group and Harvesters group participates in reforestation project in partnership with The Habitat Restoration Association of Lafontaine, Georgian Bay Bassmasters, La Villageois, and many volunteers. Georgian Bay Bassmasters and the Harvesters Committee each recieved a grant for $1000.00. We parntered our resources to purchase better quality trees. We successfully planted 1000 trees!

Janice Ferris and her group of Youth turned the table on volunteers by organizing and serving a wonderful dinner. The Youth served about 20 different Volunteers. John Paradis was awarded Volunteer of the Year Award for 2012 and Gerry Dumont was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2013. Presentations were made by GBMC Chairperson Larry Ferris and GBMC Youth Representative Danielle Secord.

On February 5th, 2013 The Georgian Bay Metis Youth hosted the Midland 1st Wye Marsh Scouts for an evening of Métis culture. Previously the 1st Wye Marsh Scouts had received their Aboriginal Badge through contact with First Nations. This year we were able to teach the Scouts about Metis Culture. The Scouts were shown beaver and coyote pelts as well as a stretched moose hide, traps, sashes and different animal horns. Guest Speaker Ken Frazer told them some enjoyable Aboriginal stories. Dishes of Venison, moose, beaver and duck were served. Scout Leader Ralph Charlesbois commented later, "I can't believe how much they ate!” Later the 1st Wye Marsh Scouts joined the Metis Youth in some drumming to finish off the evening. It was a good night for all! A special thank you to our volunteers, John, Bernice and Trish Paradis and Janice Ferris. The 1st Wye Marsh Scouts have since invited the Georgian Bay Metis Council Youth Group out to do some safe knife handling and fire starting workshops.






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All council meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and are held at our office located at 355 Cranston Crescent, Midland, Ontario.

All citizens are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 

If any citizens have questions they would like answered at these meetings, please send our Chair, Larry Ferris, an email behorehand. Larry's email is:

Due to time constraints, only those who contact Larry beforehand will be able to speak at the meetings. 


Elders Committee

Senator Ken Fraser has started an Elders Committe. The elders group meets at 12:00 p.m. the third Thursday of every month. If you require any additional information regarding this group, please send an email to the council at and your message will be passed on to Senator Ken. 




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