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Harvesters Committee

Ontario remains the only jurisdiction in the Métis Homeland to have successfully completed negotiations on Métis harvesting. An interim agreement between the MNO and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) which recognizes the MNO's Harvest Card system was reached in 2004. The essence of the agreement is that MNR will apply its Interim Enforcement Policy (IEP) to each MNO Harvester's Certificate holder who is harvesting for food within his or her traditional territory. This means that MNO Harvester's Certificate holders, engaged in traditional Métis harvest activities will not be charged unless they are in violation of conservation or safety standards. 

Senator’s Report
The Georgian Bay Métis celebrates our elders from all over the region. Senator Ken Fraser is the active Senator to the GBMC. It is the wisdom that our elders carry and share with us that adds to our successes and by addressing our citizens we create strong community wide bonds. As the Youth look to the future of our nation, they know the importance of our Senators and hold them at a very high esteem. Senator Ken will also be chairing an elders committee, which will be starting in April 2017.

Women’s Circle
The Georgian Bay Metis Women’s Circle was created in March of 2010. Since our inception we have been very busy. The Women’s Circle is in place to promote Métis culture and offer support to women and families. The Women’s Circle is responsible for many activities and events such as the Métis Cookbook fundraising project, Sewing workshops and the Women’s Drum Circle which is held every Monday from 5PM to 6PM. For more information please contact Patricia Taylor, Women’s Representative at the Georgian Bay Métis Council Office, 705-526-6335.

Métis Shoppe
Located in the Georgian Bay Métis Council Office at 355 Cranston Crescent, Midland, ON. You will find a vibrant assortment of Métis cultural items such as Métis sashes, Voyageur Toques, Métis flags, bags, moccasins, jewelry and so much more! Please drop in anytime or contact Patricia Taylor for more information and special orders!

Youth Committee
Without the involvement of today's Metis youth, it will be hard to carry on our culture to future generations...

The Georgian Bay Metis Council's youth group strives to bring children and youth to participate in fun and educational activities where they learn, not only about our culture, but how to effectively work with others their age. Our activities can help build confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.

If you request more information about upcoming youth nights, please contact the GBMC office. We welcome ALL youth to these events, regardless if they are a registered citizen of the Metis Nation of Ontario or not.



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Council Meetings

Our next council meetings will be held on...

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday, January 3, 2017

Wednesday, February 7, 2017


All council meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and are held at our office located at 355 Cranston Crescent, Midland, Ontario.

All citizens are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 

If any citizens have questions they would like answered at these meetings, please send our Chair, Larry Ferris, an email behorehand. Larry's email is: ferris.larry51@gmail.com

Due to time constraints, only those who contact Larry beforehand will be able to speak at the meetings. 


Elders Committee

Senator Ken Fraser has started an Elders Committe. The elders group meets at 12:00 p.m. the third Thursday of every month. If you require any additional information regarding this group, please send an email to the council at gbmccontact@gmail.com and your message will be passed on to Senator Ken. 




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